Address: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: (+84) 787697261
Detailed Profile

Laboratory: Cellular Culture, DNA Extraction, PCR, Gel Electrophoresis, Protein Affinity, SDS PAGE.
Software: CLC Sequence Viewer, Offices.
Bioinformatics: Restriction Analyzer, EMBOSS Needle, BLAST, FASTA, GenBank, Clustal Omega.


Gut Bacteria Laboratory, Pasteur Institute, HCMC, Intern                                                                  
March 2021 – June 2021

  • Designed and established the protocol to identify subspecies of Salmonella from human feces.
  • Gained familiar with turbidity meter, vortex centrifuge, cell culture incubator, multiplex PCR, analytical balance, and dry block heating system.
  • Tested antimicrobial susceptibility with disc diffusion, their biochemical and serological with slide agglutination.
  • Cultured the gut bacteria in different culture mediums such as Hektoen, TCBS, MacConkey.

International University – Vietnam National University, Undergraduate Thesis 
March 2022 – October 2022
Project: Design vessel on a chip model for studying shear stress effect on plasma fibronectin protein
Dr. Chan Khon Huynh

  • Designed in vitro DIY PDMS chip followed vessel on a chip model by soft-lithography method, using Ansys software.
  • Purified Fibronectin Protein by affinity chromatography.
  • Induced FN fibrillogenesis under low and high flow rates by the pump machine.
  • Gained familiarity with SDS PAGE, Microplate Reader, Nano Spectrophotometer, Plasma Cleaner, and pump machine. Contributed to the article: The Formation of Fibrils Fibronectin Under the Effect of Abnormal Shear Rate Within a Stenosis Vessel (9th International Conference on the Development of Biomedical Engineering in Vietnam)

International University – Vietnam National University, Teaching Assistant 2022 – 2023
Course: Lab 1B (In Vitro Study) – Dr. Chan Khon Huynh

  • Prepared the laboratory materials and chemicals for Cell Culture such as medium, cells, and cell culture vessels.
  • Participated in preparing and grading examinations.
  • Managed direct classes of 40 students in wet-lab experiments, including guiding basic equipment tutorials, and leading tutorials on aseptic technique, biological contamination and cell culture basics.

International University – Vietnam National University, Research Assistant 2023 – Present
Lab on a chip – Dr. Chan Khon Huynh

  • Work directly with the team to study flow-dependent arterial thrombosis development through shear-induced structural changes of plasma fibronectin and platelet activation in the “vessel on a chip” model.
  • Perform the initial research plan with the Professor before starting experiments.
  • Develop protocols for research projects and analyze research results.
  • Provide weekly reports and make plans for further experiments.


The VNUK Institute for Research and Executive Education, Da Nang University 2018 – 2022
Bachelor in Biomedical Science.

  • Relevant Courses: Microbiology, Cell Biology, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology.