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Who are we?

Knowledge Bridge Research Institute (KBERI) received a scientific and technological operating license and establishment as an Institute on March 5, 2024, according to Decision No. 552/ĐK-KHCN dated March 5, 2024, by the Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology, Vietnam.

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Connect – Share -Disseminate


Become a multidisciplinary, multinational research institute with international standards.


Empower young Vietnamese enthusiasts in scientific research to shoulder the responsibilities of giants, transforming those who know little about scientific research into giants themselves through passion and determination.

Core Values

Connect and invite international scientists from different countries to share experiences and research fields.

Implement activities to connect and collaborate on scientific research among Vietnamese scientists globally.

Facilitate connections for domestic universities seeking experts and lecturers to share research experiences (if universities express interest and contact us).

Connect and invite Vietnamese scientists working at universities and research institutes in different countries to share experiences and research fields.

Mobilize funding from organizations and individuals with goodwill to carry out volunteer activities for underprivileged, orphaned children, and to build and renovate schools in disadvantaged areas of Vietnam.

Connect mentors working domestically and internationally to train, advise, guide, and support young researchers in publishing international papers.