Bùi Thanh Bình


My research interests include the interface between strategy and management control systems, climate change and
emission trading, risk management, and accounting education. I have published papers in top-ranking accounting
journals, including Management Accounting Research, British Accounting Review, Accounting, Auditing, and
Accountability Journal, Behavioral Research in Accounting, Accounting Education: an international journal, and
Accounting History. My PhD thesis investigates changes in electricity generators’ strategies and management control to
manage business risks in the New Zealand Emissions Trading scheme context. My current projects examine carbon
accounting and assurance, climate risk disclosures, and the role played by accounting in meeting climate change
challenges. My research utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods, ranging from in-depth case studies to surveys and
large database statistical analyses.
I am the Associate Editor of three journals: Accounting, Auditing, and Accountability Journal, Accounting and Finance, and
Accounting Research Journal. I sit on the editorial board of British Accounting Review, Accounting History, and Meditari
Accountancy Research.
I have supervised four PhD students and many Masters and Honours students on various topics, including
sustainability/carbon accounting and reporting, accounting education, and management accounting. Requests and
expressions of interest for supervision in these areas are welcomed.


Binh Bui
Associate Professor
Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
Transforming Energy Markets Research Centre
Email: binh.bui@mq.edu.au
Phone: +61 2 9850 4313
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance
Macquarie University
1 Jul 2020 → present
Transforming Energy Markets Research Centre
Macquarie University
1 Jan 2023 → 31 Dec 2027


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