Nguyen Tan Huynh


Full name in native language: Huynh Tan Nguyen
Gender: Male
Date of birth: October 29th, 1985
Place of birth: Quang Nam province
Nantionality: Vietnam
Material status: Married
Mobile phone: (+84) 914.698.757
Working place: Dept. of Economics and Management,
Dong Nai Technology University
Home address: Quarter 4, Trang Dai Ward, Bien Hoa City,
Dong Nai Province, Vietnam



Ph.D in Shipping and Transportation Management at the
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology,

2008 – 2011

Master of Economics in Agriculture
Hue College of Economics Academic

2004 – 2008

Bachelor of Economics in Agriculture
Hue College of Economics


Employer: Dong Nai Technology University
Job tittle: Lecturer
Core responsibilities:
• Prepare/deliver lectures
• Give extra help students with learning needs on an
individual, class or small group basis
• Proctor at the end of each semester
• Check and assess students’ work
• Write research proposals, papers and other publications
• Attend and speak at conferences and seminars
• Develop educational programs and textbooks

2011 – 2014

Employer: Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial Bank
Job tittle: Credit staff
Core responsibilities:
• Assess clients’ financial status
• Analyze risks and approve or reject loan requests
• Calculate financial ratios (e.g. credit scores and
interest rates)

• Set up payment plans
• Maintain updated records of loan applications
• Follow up with clients about loan renewals
• Monitor progress of existing loans


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