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Webinar 08: Experiments for Beginners: from Theory to Practice

WEBINAR 08: “Experiments for Beginners: from Theory to Practice” – Professor Tom Smith

It is undeniable that when you convince anyone, you must have clear evidence to prove your argument. This is similar to conducting research, journals only accept an author’s hypothesis when sufficient evidence is obtained through scientific or observational data collection methods. This research method is called Experiments.

However, are you struggling to find a way to start your research or are you having trouble gathering evidence? Let’s join Knowledge Bridge’s Webinar 08 to listen to the “secret recipes” from different Professors and Doctors.

Speaker: Professor Tom Smith (Knowledge Bridge’s guest at Webinar 07-08-09 about Quantitative Research) His academic profile can be found here: The webinar will have an interpreter who is a Vietnamese Professor.

Our speaker will help you untangle the difficulties of Experiments in the Webinar through the following key points: Difficulties in Modern Experiments. Examples of current Experiments being done in Finance. Points to note when doing Experiments.

Don’t hesitate to click on the registration link right away, Knowledge Bridge family will always greet you with a warm embrace and assist you on your research path!

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Time: 03.00 PM (Vietnam Time) on 16/10/2021 Register now via links to receive Zoom ID: