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Webinar 07: Surveys for Beginners: From Theory to Practice

Webinar 07 Registration Form “Surveys for Beginners: from Theory to Practice”

It is our privilege to welcome you to the Webinar No 7 of Knowledge Bridge titled “Surveys for Beginners: from Theory to Practice” which is presented by Professor Tom Smith, Head Of Department, Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie University.

Professor Tom Smith is one of the leading finance academics in Australia and has been ranked as the number one finance academic in Australia and New Zealand by both the Journal of Financial Literature and the Pacific Basin Finance Journal. Tom is the leading researcher in Environmental Finance, Asset Pricing Theory and Tests; Design of Markets – Market Microstructure; and Derivatives. Tom has supervised over 50 PhD students to completion and his PhD students have over 50 tier 1 papers in their own names. The academic profile of Professor Tom Smith can be found at

In this webinar, Professor Tom Smith will (1) take you through the rigorous and demanding nature of modern survey research, (2) give you some examples of Survey research currently being carried out in Finance, (3) explain “what the Editors are looking for” and finally (4) Where to from here.

The webinar will be interpreted from English into Vietnamese language by Dr Jessie Le of Business School, The University of Sydney. DrJessie Le’s academic profile can be found at

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Event Informations

Time: 19.00 (Vietnam Time) – 02/10/2021
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