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Webinar 06: A Journey to Become a World Scientist

Doing scientific research is not only about publishing for career advancement but also for social good. Once choosing this life-long journey of discovery, researchers are involved in the generation of knowledge and they are personally implicated in the way it will be used.
To conduct research that covers the topic of your choice, you first have to determine 1) where you are, 2) where you want to be, and 3) how you are going to get there. Hence, we must begin to examine the specific steps of the research cycle.
By joining our Webinar No 6 titled “A journey to become a world scientist”, you will be able to learn from the experiences of an expert in scientific research – Assistant Professor Duong Van Tuyen – and from then, find your answers for all concerns related to this topic.
🔰 Speaker: Assistant Professor Dr. Duong Van Tuyen. His academic profile can be found at
🔰 To inspire you to start your academic career or become better at it, the speaker will discuss the following key points:
🔹 Overview of the research cycle, including (1) Research preparation, (2) Writing for research, (3) Publication process, (4) Navigating peer review, and (5) Communicating your research.
🔹 Research journey experience and lessons learned to become a world scientist (alpha approach in academics).

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Time: 19PM (GMT+7) – 18/09/2021
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