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Webinar 12: “Why Do Editors/Reviewers Reject Your Papers?

💡 We have learned some vital information about WEBINAR 12: “WHY DO EDITORS/REVIEWERS REJECT YOUR PAPERS?” in our latest post.
💡 Today, let’s take a look at our young and talented speaker’ profile – Dr Tran Nguyen Hai:
🔸 A lecturer and scientist from Duy Tan University and one of the 10 most outstanding individuals to receive the Golden Globe Award in 2019 (source:
🔸 An owner of 64 scientific works published in prestigious international journals under the Web of Science (WoS), of which most of the articles (44/64, almost 70%) are among the highest in Q1 in the field according to WoS in 2020 (WoS 2020) and citation index (>1500 times according to Scopus data).
🔸 Currently, a member of the Editorial Board of 17 international journals in the list of ISI and Scopus.
🔸 His research interests focus on (1) exploring the adsorption mechanism of various contaminants, (2) developing a variety of advanced materials, (3) characterizing them by various advanced techniques, and (4) applying them for water and wastewater treatments.
⭐ His academic profile can be found at:
🔸 And last but not least, the most prominent point for Knowledge Bridge to invite Dr Tran Nguyen Hai to present WEBINAR 12: “ WHY DO EDITORS/REVIEWERS REJECT YOUR PAPERS?” because Dr Tran Nguyen Hai has participated in the review of 93 journals (91 international journals and 2 Vietnamese journals) belonging to over 23 major publishing houses (21 international and 2 domestic).
💡 Webinar 12 promises to be a webinar with a lot of real-life examples from the Speaker himself when he has rejected many articles submitted to 20 newspapers of which he is a Member of the Editorial Board, including many Q1 newspapers.
💡 Don’t hesitate to click on the registration link right away to join Webinar 12. The Knowledge Bridge family will always greet you with a warm embrace and assist you on your research path!

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Time: 07 PM (GMT+7) – 18/12/2021
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