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Webinar 09: Econometrics for Beginners from Theory to Practice

Econometrics is the quantitative application of statistical and mathematical models using data to develop theories or test existing hypotheses in economics to forecast future economic or financial trends. It subjects real-world data to statistical trials and then compares and contrasts the results against existing theories or theories being tested.

Depending on whether you are interested in testing an existing theory or in using existing data to develop a new hypothesis based on those observations, econometrics can be subdivided into two major categories: theoretical and applied.

Because of its benefits, econometrics is not only a fundamental part of the curricula of many universities but also a useful tool for researchers. However, to be able to master econometrics, it is necessary to have a thorough and right learning method.

In Knowledge Bridge’s Webinar 09, Professor TOM SMITH will talk about dimensions of econometrics – from theory to practice, thereby helping you to overcome difficulties in the research process using this quantitative research tool!

Speaker: Professor Tom Smith (Knowledge Bridge’s guest at Webinar 07-08-09 about Quantitative Research)

His academic profile can be found here:

The content of Webinar 09 will be translated into Vietnamese via Telegram with support from Dr. Jessie Le, Dr. Pham Huong Giang, Dr. Duong Anh Chien, and Lawyer Hoang Phan Nguyen.

Don’t hesitate to click on the registration link right away, Knowledge Bridge family will always greet you with a warm embrace and assist you on your research path!

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Time: (Vietnam Time) on 30/10/2021

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